Coding Standard

A Coding Standard is a common document defining a set of simple, mainly structural, rules for writing code. Software companies tend to sanctify this document and see it as the ultimate answer to their quality problems.

In 1990, the Software Coding Standards Consortium (SCSC) has decided that words in the name of software-related consortiums should be separated with a ‘_’ character, and changed its name accordingly to Software_Coding_Standards_Consortium. This, of course, caused a major havoc in the industry because a large group of software professionals insisted that SoftwareCodingStandardConsortium is a much better name. Since then there are two major bodies trying to shape the future our industry.

Soon after the split, the Software_Coding_Standards_Consortium issued a new version of the ultimate galactic coding standard. The crown of this document was section 5.23.125a stating that “Class fields should be prefixed with a ‘_’ character?. The SoftwareCodingStandardsConsortium was not left behind, and two months later published its own version of the unified standard, which stated in section 4/D23/xWD that “Data members of a class should include a ‘_’ suffix. And so, the dispute went on.

In 1995 the entire software industry stood still when an underground group of developers who just started to use the emerging Java programming language created a new de facto standard: they ceased to use ‘_’ for class’ data members altogether. The Software_Coding_Standards_Consortium and the SoftwareCodingStandardsConsortium both felt threatened by this underground initiative, and decided to join forces. As a result, a new joint body was founded and named SoftwareCoding_StandardsConsortium. Analysts of the software industry claim, however, that this was too little too late.

These days, in the spirit of anti-globalization movements, every software developer believes it to be his basic human right to use any notation he sees fit in his code.


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