Integrated Development Environment.

A software development tool with capabilities such as visual designer, code generators, code formatting, auto-completion, etc. Many IDEs also support the addition of plug-ins to enable more functionality to be added by third parties.
Many people in the software industry still consider IDEs to be less productive tools for writing software, which should never be used by professionals.

In 2004, the VI Rules (VIR) underground group together with the better-known Only Emacs (OE) organization funded an extensive research about the alleged poor productivity of IDEs. Since both tools are open source tools, the research was funded using PayPal donations. Their goal was to prove that VI and Emacs are more productive than modern IDEs.

In this research, 786 developers were each given the task to develop a 400,000 lines-of-code e-commerce application with both Web and mobile front-ends. 30% of them used VI, as their development environment, 30% used Emacs, and 30% used either Eclipse or VS.NET. 10% browsed their favorite pointless humor site on the Web for the entire research.

The amazing results, which were never published, were secretly mailed to our Editor by an IDE vendor’s spy who infiltrated the VIR group. It seems that the average development time in the advanced IDEs group was 45% shorter than the average time in the VI and Emacs group. About 7% of the developers in the Emacs and VI groups were hospitalized due to an acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The 10% browsing their favorite site never finished the task.

Because we conduct a serious research before updating this guide, we decided to do a follow-up on the research. We found out that each developer, was supposed to deliver his product to a randomly selected customer. Contacting these customers revealed an interesting fact: the customers who were supposed to receive the application from the Web-surfing developers were, on average, the most satisfied. All other customers were seemed to suffer some damages by the new product they received.

The impact of this revelation on the software industry is still to be seen.


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