The lexicographical definition of the word Priority is “Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency?. For years, tasks prioritization was successfully used for managing companies, projects and people.

At about the same time scientists first witnessed the hole in the Ozone layer, software developers around the world discovered a strange anomaly in the Priorities Space. It looked like common priorities were disappearing, leaving many companies and projects with only a single priority to describe the importance of tasks: the high priority. Despite the fact that many software developers were troubled by this situation, it was never really publicly discussed, because such a discussion was one of the few extremely-low-priority tasks that were left around, so there was always seemed to be something more important to do.

In 1998, there was a major breakthrough in the never existing research of Priorities Space. A new priority was discovered: the highest priority. It was immediacy associated with the task of fixing billions of lines of source code to mitigate the dreadful Y2K bug. Many celebrated this important discovery. None of them were software developers.

In the following years, the joy of finding a new priority was replaced with disappointment, when it became apparent that the last reminder of the original Priorities Space, the high priority, was also gradually disappearing. Nowadays, most tasks in the software industry are of the highest priority. Analysts do not anticipate a change in this condition until around the year 2038 when the next worldwide bug is due. Some names have already been suggested for the new priority expected to be used to describe the tasks related to the Y2038 bug, among them: ultra-high priority, mega-high priority, and “do it or get sued for all you have and all you will ever have including the cloths you are wearing? priority.


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