Mouse Gestures

Mouse gestures are the latest word in user interface usability.

After years of research, numerous focus groups, and endless discussions with world famous ergonomics specialists, the Software Usability Consortium (SUC) has decided that the single one feature that will make software more usable and natural to users is the ability to represent common commands as an intuitive choreography of the user’s hand.

The first to adopt this innovative concept were Web Browsers, which introduced some amazing gestures. Some, such as the one illustrated below, were even nominated for the famous Jerwood Choreography Awards, but failed to make it to the finals because the judges were sitting too far away to see the subtle nuances of the hand’s movement. The awards committee promised to address this issue better in the future.

Since the emergence of mouse gestures, almost all research on what seemed to be until a while ago the future of user interfaces, such as voice recognition, was stopped, due to lack of interest. Technical leaders in the software industry foresee that in ten years from now, the famous keyboard we all work with today will disappear, and will be replaced by the mouse. This will leave users with a free hand to do a bunch of other useful stuff while working on their PC.

Example of a typical mouse gesture that means: “go back to the last page I browsed for more than five minutes if it doesn’t contain any explicit material, but if there are some breaking news on CNN, go there instead?:



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