Yet another classic. A satirical comic strip by Scott Adams. Statistics show that one out of 2.3 cubicles in high-tech companies has at least one Dilbert strip stuck in a visible place.

Dilbert is known for its accurate and painful observations about management, work, and life, but surprisingly it is also an essential tool used by Human Resources departments around the world to identify potential managers.

The basic idea is that there are three common reactions to an average Dilbert strip:

  1. That’s hilarious! My manager is just like that. Isn’t that sad…
  2. Sounds like an interesting idea. I wonder if that will work here…
  3. Why is that Boss character so gentle with his employees?

Human Resources professionals claim that based on a person’s reaction they can gather this person’s entire promotion path. Reactions that fall under the first category are a clear indication of a replaceable worker who just gets in the company’s way to making more money. Employees whose reactions fall under the third category are destined to be top-level managers due to their clear and concise vision of managing people and achieving business goals. As for the middle category, the Human Resources community is still debating. Some claim that such employees cannot be managers due to the indecisive nature of their reaction. Others tend to see the managerial potential of these people, and therefore assign them right under Type 3 people for good old-fashioned mentoring.


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